Proton Iriz Reviews : What Is Bad?

Here's the Proton Iriz Reviews. What peoples says about Proton Iriz? Bad Reviews.

Here's the Proton Iriz Reviews. What peoples says about Proton Iriz? Bad Reviews.

NOISE IS HORRIBLE.____________________
- Fuel efficiency could've been better for a 1.6 CVT. On bad days (traffic jams all around), the FC could go to 10KM/L, and that's bad news. Sometimes, even lower. 
- Road noise is horrible. This is largely contributed by the fact that the quality of our road itself is bad, but Proton could've done better in my opinion. 
- Roaring of the CVT, Though the engine performance itself is satisfying, it seriously bugs the hell out of me that whenever I step the pedal to the metal, it roars. I can get use to that, but its still annoying sometimes. 
- Plastic interior. Even with a 1.6 Premium, the interior feels a bit cheap. Even though they used hard plastics, I don't feel that it is adequate to give it a "Premium" feel. 
- The Proton Infotainment System is average, with a tendency to lag when trying to connect a Bluetooth device. And you can't even connect to internet/browser whenever the shifter is not in Neutral or Park position, don't they think about if the passenger beside the driver want to use it? 
- The front pillar, in my opinion, is sort of obstructive for my view.

BAD STOCK TYRE_______________________
1. Rattling dashboard noise at low speed. I've told the service-centre and they still can't seem to fix it. :( Feel disappointed with the service-centre. 
2. Very bad stock tire. Proton should find a better tire vendor. 
3. Very slow service-centre. Proton need to learn from Perodua about customer relationship, after sales service, and general management efficiency.

NOISE TOO LOUD_______________________
1. Road noise very loud.
2. When raining, C pillar area very loud.
3. Engine and Outside noise also quite loud.
4. Sometimes sound come out from dashboard and B pillar.
5. Can feel vibration over 100km/h, from brake pedal and the floor.
6. No clock, but only when you switch off the player.


- The same problems that plagued Proton all this while is still present. QC is really poor here. My driver side power window is stalling after just 4 months. The push start button needs to be pressed a few times in order to start the car. Although this does not happen every time but previously there was no such problem. The glove compartment is not aligned properly. The parking brake warning light in the instrument cluster sometimes do not go off even after I release the parking brake. I have to turn off the engine and restart again when this happens. 
- The touch screen multimedia head unit is very bad. Bluetooth always gets disconnected, the touch screen sensitivity is very poor, sometimes it will just turn off by itself. 
- Fuel consumption is very high, 11-12km / litre for a B-Segment hatch is really terrible. 
- Service centre quality is also very poor. Very shoddy work. Did not even check my tyre pressure and wiper water during servicing.

-Fuel economy can be a bit more pricey than expected for a small car, but it is a medium engine after all... 
-The sequence of the push-to-start button is not properly setup for all use cases. For example if you switch the car off but you're waiting for someone, the radio will switch off and then to get the radio back on you need to switch the car back on or it won't cycle properly through off, acc, on.  
-Gear lock can't be switched off... So you MUST leave the car in reverse always or when you close the car the lock will try to lock the gear 3 times and it sounds like it's forcing itself somehow. 
-The Android infotainment system is great but, you can't really upgrade it... You can't watch anything while the handbrake is off... So, it can't even be used to entertain the passengers.  
-The wifi on the radio gets cut-off once the handbrake is down, so you can't install Waze or Google Maps so it forfeits the whole attractiveness of having an Android system. However, you can install other apps by side-loading them (hint: You can play videos if you install MX Player and the correct codec.)...  
-You're limited to using the player onboard or stream via Bluetooth or aux in music. It would be great to be able to install Spotify or Rrdio so that you may use your accounts. It would make more sense this way to have that Yes! Huddle XS that comes with the car... So much potential lost to those limiting factors.  
-Sometimes there's a slight amount of rattling coming from the dashboard, but... Really, I don't care and I don't notice.
-Secure system such as Parking lock in R may caused lack of reverse sometime.
-Audio system may loss connect when cross over the bump eventhough accelerate 20km/h only.
NOISY NOISY AND NOISY._______________
- noisy engine and exhaust - it may sound sporty but not necessary for the masses
- wind noise is apparent over 100km/h
- slight vibration (dashboard) when driving over rough road
- HU's touchscreen interface is just not good
- GB and final drive ratio doesnt match the 1.6 engine

So, how about your opinions? Considers to read what is good about Proton Iriz here because of although this reviews is bad, most of the reviewers concludes that this car is RECOMMENDED. How say you?

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