Proton Iriz Reviews. What People Says?

Here's the Proton Iriz Reviews. What peoples says about Proton Iriz? Good Reviews.

Here's the Proton Iriz Reviews. What peoples says about Proton Iriz? Good Reviews.

1. Good fuel efficiency for 1.6L and 1165 KG full featured car. RM 50 from Petaling Jaya (Selangor) to Tanah Merah (Kelantan) and still left 2 bars when reached. Speed average 110 - 140 Km/h. Fuel consumption averaging 6.5L/100KM with 3 people + luggage on board, front tire pumped to 210kpa, rear to 220kpa and using BHP RON 95 + full synthetic engine oil (Petronas Syntium 1000).

2. Good city driving fuel consumption. Averaging 7.1L/100KM - 7.3L/100KM. Only manage to achieve 7.1L/100KM after engine break in period (past 2000KM for me). Don't be surprised when the car still new it will consume crazy amount of fuel (13L-14L/100KM).

3. Good engine performance for Proton car. Beware that this is the MT 1.6 version, I can't say the same for the CVT Iriz. PS: Since the throttle is drive by wire, you've got to push the pedal all the way in when overtaking (don't worry it won't jump).

4. Smooth MT gear. One of the best MT gear around in the market, the 4th gear offer power and wide gear ratio when overtaking while the 5th gear offer excellent fuel efficiency. Double clutch downshift/ hell-toe shifting from 5th to 4th is easily achievable.

5. Good overall visibility and driver comfort. The seat is semi bucket, height adjustable, and positioned higher (feels like driving SUV).

6. Ample passenger leg room.

7. Excellent handling, the car will stick to the road during high speed cornering, the electronic power steering will adjust the steering weight when you're speeding up. Feels like driving my dad BMW.

8. Very cold air conditioner.

9. Good enough rear camera.

10. Sporty engine sound.

1. Stable at high speed even over 120km/h.

2. Stable during cornering.

3. Even at 110 km/h wind noise not obvious. (not strong winds condition)

4. Comfortable seats, especially extra length supporting thigh very well.

5. Hill-hold assist very helpful.
Here's the Proton Iriz Reviews. What peoples says about Proton Iriz? Good Reviews.

1. improved ergonomic compared to BLM

2. handling is good, comfort ride for long and short journey

3. generous in features such as speed sensitive EPS, safety aid, HHA and other small touches that make Iriz feels more than just a car

4. good sound from stock audio

5. value for money. i couldn't find any comparable MT car at 51K (after discount)

6. respectable fuel consumption. i averaged 14.5km/L. on the long drive driving within the speed limit may give you 16-17km/L (measured)

7. Compact and wide,Look European though.
Here's the Proton Iriz Reviews. What peoples says about Proton Iriz? Good Reviews.

Exterior and interior design look futuristic and stylish in every angle.

Sharp handling with light steering

Spacious interior

Comfortable driving experience also this car fun to drive

Good fuel cosumption

Pack with a lot of safety features
Here's the Proton Iriz Reviews. What peoples says about Proton Iriz? Good Reviews.

Pleasant and trendy design; love the aesthetics of the front

Reverse camera, very helpful when parking the tall car

Comfortable ride and seamlessly enjoyable handling on almost all drives

Very practical interior

Sufficient legroom and much headroom space

Decent quality sound from audio system
Here's the Proton Iriz Reviews. What peoples says about Proton Iriz? Good Reviews.

1. Safety - The electronic features are mentioned in other reviews. From user experience point of view, I really like this car. In Penang, there are some steep windy donwhill roads from Relau to Paya Terubong and Balik Pulau. This car is really stable and the gear breaking that is built wonderfully into the CVT system makes it easy to control the speed going downhill. The power is suffcient on the steeper parts so that you won't hog the road. On steep Penang mountain roads (private roads up durian orchards, much steeper than normal road), the hill assist works wonderfully. Very useful when you go to some hill top restaurants or hotels (and I don't mean Batu Ferringgi. These are boutique hotels in middle of no where).

2. Handling on trunk road and highway. Whey...drove this car for 2 months now. It just blows me away. I took a Myvi and Iriz on the same trunk road, and Iriz is much more comfortable on windy and bouncy trunk road. Driving at 140km/ won't realize it as the handling is essentially similar to 110km/h. You won't see many cars following you at 140km/h, that is for sure.

3. Power - that 1.3 is pretty good. I can overtake most cars on the Ipoh Kuala Kangsar plus highway uphill to the tunnel stretch. I am not saying this car will win a drag race, but the power is sufficient to drive comfortably and in a hurry. Bump handling is good.

4. This car looks good :).

5. Fuel economy - decent. Be soft on the pedal.

5. Highly recommended. You won't find a car like this at this prize range.
Here's the Proton Iriz Reviews. What peoples says about Proton Iriz? Good Reviews.

1. The exterior. I fell in love at first sight with the 16" alloy rims and the bodyline, not mentioning the headlamps and tail lamps. But looks are subjective, so each to their own taste. I seriously love the looks of my Iriz.

2. Comfortable ride. The semi-bucket seat is comfortable, wrapped up in leather. Legroom is also very satisfying for a B-Segment car, though not as spacious as Myvi. But even for a long journey (2-3 hours ride) either as the driver or passenger, the comfort is satisfying.

3. Air condition cools very fast. Even after a long day parking under the sun, it would only take around 2-3 minutes for the car to feel cool and comfortable once you turn on the AC. Mind you, my car is lightly tinted.

4. The engine gives you the torque and revs when you want, and the punch is quite satisfying.

5. All the essential electronics are within reach.

6. 4 cup holders for the front seat, so you can put all your Starbucks there.

7. Can fit in 3 adult male comfortably at the back, and we are not exactly small size. The legroom is sufficient.

8. Auto headlamp. Neat feature, but not really necessary. But it does add to the aesthetic detail of the car.

9. Handling is superb. I can confidently drive into a corner at 120KM/H without having to worry if the car would react wildly. Thanks to the ESC for this. Oh and ABS is standard on every model, so that's a big plus.

10. Safety is top notch. The main reason I took this variant for this car is to get the 6 Airbags. You won't know when or where you'll need those suckers.

11. A bit of curvature of the side rear view mirror. This eliminates a lot of blind spots typically associated with plain side rear view mirror.

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