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How To Apply?

Firstly, you need to to register for Free HBO Now Trial Sign-Up. Click this link to register.

Amazon Channels: How to watch HBO
Amazon Channels offers HBO as a standalone channel for Amazon Prime members. To learn more, see Can I add the HBO channel to my Amazon Prime membership?

When you subscribe to HBO through Amazon Channels, there are two ways you can watch HBO:

1. The HBO NOW app or

The Amazon Video app or
In both cases, you sign in using your Amazon account (your Amazon email and password). HBO NOW and the HBO channel on Amazon Channels should have the same content.

2. Watch using the HBO NOW app

Subscribe to HBO through Amazon Channels at
Download the HBO NOW app on your favorite device or go to on your computer.
Sign in using your Amazon email and password.
Xbox One Signing in with your Amazon account on Xbox One is not supported. Instead, you'll need to use the Amazon Prime Video app to watch HBO.

Watch using the Amazon Prime Video app

  1. Subscribe to HBO through Amazon Channels at
  2. Download the Amazon Prime Video app on your favorite device (see Amazon supported devices).
  3. Open the Amazon Prime Video app and choose Sign In.
  4. Enter your Amazon email and password and choose Sign In.
  5. You can also watch on your computer by signing in at

How do I watch live HBO programming?

You can watch live HBO programming using the Amazon Prime Video app or To watch HBO live, go to Your Channels > HBO, then scroll down to Watch Live and choose a live channel.

How do I change my HBO subscription through Amazon Channels?
To find out how to change or cancel an Amazon Channel subscription, go to Amazon: Manage your video subscriptions.

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