"Siapa Najib Razak?" - Here is the fact

Although he is not Prime Minister anymore, the citizens still love him.

Yesterday, one snowflake lifted up his glass and yelled “Siapa Najib?” in the bar. (Except that he was no M. Nasir) Anyway, I took a while to answer him “Siapa Najib?”. Because unlike this idiot who spent half of Najib’s years freezing away chasing a stupid degree in shithole Michigan, I spent every single day here. So I’m more qualified to regale him. Kiddo, Najib was already in Parliament at the tender age of 23, (even before Tian Chua sneaked Partiben in this year). And while you kids were still liquid tadpoles, Najib was already Menteri Besar.

Clown, Najib was probably the First PM who instituted Real economic liberalisation. Not only cut govt subsidies, reducing Mahathir-era FDI restrictions, he even REDUCED preferential treatment of the Melayus. (still think he’s racist ah?)

While u were busy wanking on WeChat, Najib already finished his Industrial Economics degree and served in both banking and petrochemical industries. He was the guy who came up with a corporate structure for public unis – which is how I got all that money to finish my PhD in 27 months. The reason you kiddos get UK/US/Aussie degrees in Malaysia now is because Najib allowed foreign universities to confer them through local colleges. This is how you fellas can brag that you have a degree from Monash or Curtin or Nottingham without ever stepping into Perth of Melbourne or Nottingham. (So Najib just saved your parents a Big chunk of money after you flunk out of SPM and STPM la.)

Cikgus, even wondered how your salaries suddenly became so high? When my mum died in 1991, her final salary was RM 1050 because she only had MCE and Teacher’s Training Diploma from RECSAM. No DG42-DG52 for her. Now STPM teachers get up to RM11,000 monthly in DG52? Because DS Najib as Education Minister allowed you all to go for Degree upgrades under the PJJ program with HALF pay! And increased your pay based on KPI! Forgot oredy ah?

And one of the reasons your kids are not as bratty as before is because Najib sent close to half a million kids to PLKN. Under Pak Lah, Najib also took over Suhakam, which you guys turned to when making your usual human rights complaints. And why the heck would Najib want to chair 28 cabinet committees when he could’ve easily picked one or two portfolios and gone golfing daily?

And what about the stimulus packages to protect our economy during the 2008 downturn? On his first day as PM, didn’t he remove the ban on Suara Keadilan and Harakah? Didn’t he release 13 fellas from ISA – including the 2 Hindraf fellas? Didn’t he review the ISA in his very first year?

And what’s your bloody problem about 1Malaysia? What’s wrong with a goal for national unity, harmony and governance? Even UTC (the place your passports get renewed in 5 mins) was closed because the old idiot brought cranes to dismantle the LOGO of 1Malaysia. A effing logo troubles you ka? Go get psychiatric help la.

And what’s wrong with tackling extreme poverty with BR1M? The first one alone was RM2.6 billion. Why didn’t Najib just pocket the loose change and BS the poverty statistics with individual welfare payments on a case-by-case basis?

And what’s wrong with PR1MA houses under RM400k for those earning RM7500? What's wrong with removing sugar subsidies and save RM1b? And who benefitted from those subsidies anyway besides Uncle Bobby Kuok, Banglas and smugglers? How much subsidy do you snowflakes want on a commodity that causes diabetes? Yet you acted like the world just ended.

Forgot how Najib got rid of the WTO rules on banking, telecoms and power equity that Mahathir kept close to his cronies? Forgot how Najib reduced the 30% Bumi equity to 12% and allowed you Chinamen to JV with guys from China to buy stock? Even Goldman Sachs and the shitty Citibank were allowed to expand in Malaysia under Najib kan? Forgot how after 2008, Malaysia grew at nearly 10% (even higher than the old man’s 8% brag)?

And now you wanna remove even his Personal Protection? Hoping he gets beaten up by zombie mobs when he goes to Pasar Ramadhan with his “aide-de-camp”? Seriously old man, your mental state concerns me. Go get psychiatric help. I know a good doctor in Kerala. PM if you want the number.

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